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Ann Rule

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  • "Anne Rule is regarded by many as the foremost true crime writer in America, and the author responsible for the genre as it exists today."
  • Background in law enforcement and criminal justice system
  • Former Seattle Policewoman, former caseworker for the Washington State Department of Public Assistance
  • A full-time crime writer since 1969, over the past 30 years has published 33 books and 1400 articles
  • Today she teaches seminars to many law enforcement groups
  • "She is a certified instructor in many states on subjects such as: Serial Murder, Sadistic Sociopaths, Women Who Kill, and High Profile Offenders."
  • Her books deal with 3 things
     1) the vistims' stories
     2) the detectives and prosecutors and how they solve their cases with old fashioned police work and modern forensic science
     3) the killers' lives
  • 8 books have been made into tv movies and 5 more are being worked on
  • Her daughter Leslie Rule is also an author
  • She says her book The Stranger Beside Me is about her partner at Seattle's Crisis Clinic-- Ted Bundy
  • She was inspired by "In Cold Blood"

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Ted Bundy

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Bibliography Final Interview

  • Born on 11/24/1946 in Burlington, Vermont
  • Died on 1/24/1989 Florida State Prison, Florida
  • Nicknames: The Lady Killer, The Campus Killer, Ted
  • Mother: Eleanor Louise Cowell
  • Step-Father: Johnny Culpepper Bundy
  • Father: Lloyd Marshall
  • Crimes Committed: Serial Killings (Stranglings and Mutilations), Rape, Kidnappings
  • Schooling: University of Utah, University of Washington, Temple University, University of Puget Sound
  • Majored in Psychology
  • Raised by Eleanor Cowell, was told to call her sister and call her grandparents mom and dad.
  • Often wore a a sling or fake cast around his arm or leg
  • First arrest was made in Utah but he made an escape
  • Final arrest was made in Florida for a traffic violation in 2/15/1978
  • Was sentenced to death and died by the electric chair
  • Drove two VW bug both an yellow color
  • Tended to prey on college campuses
  • Impersonated police officers, firemen, handicapped people
  • Engaged to Stephanie Brooks and dated Meg Anders

Meg Anders.jpg

"Ted Bundy." Ted Bundy. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Nov. 2013.

Victim Profiling

  • Each had long hair, parted in the middle.
  • Each was Caucasian, fair-complexioned.
  • Each was of much more than average intelligence.
  • Each was slender, attracted, highly talented.
  • Each had vanished within a week of midterm or final exams at local colleges.
  • Each came from a stable, loving family.
  • Each disappearance took place during the hours of darkness.
  • Each girl was single.
  • Each girl had been wearing slacks or jeans when she disappeared.
  • In each case, detectives had not one piece of physical evidence that might have been left by the abductor.
  • Construction work was going on on each campus where the girls were missing.




  • Anne Marie Burr

Age:8 Story: Was taken in the middle of the night and never found. Bundy never admitted to killing her, only suspected.

  • Lonnie Trumbell

Murdered: June 23, 1966

  • Lisa Wick

Attacked: June 23, 1966 Story: Lonnie and Lisa were roommates who were discovered by a third roommate. Lonnie didn't survive, Lisa did, possibly because of the soft rollers she had in her hair.

  • Joni Lenz

Age: 18 Story: Found by her roommates in her bed, brutally beaten with a metal rod jammed in her vagina. Survived the attack, with no memory of it and severe brain damage. Thought to be a random act of violence

  • Lynda Healy

Age: 21 Story: She lived a normal routine, but when she didn't wake up at her normal time or leave on her bike, her roommates discovered she was missing. A year later, her skull was found in the Bundy graveyard and Bundy admitted to killing her before he was executed.

  • Donna Manson

Age: 19 Story: Bright, young, beautiful student with a ton of potential, but smoked weed everyday and disappeared randomly. It took 6 days to report her missing, and he confessed to her murder right before execution.

  • Susan Rancourt

Age: 19 Story: She was very careful, never went anywhere alone, except for one fateful night. She was coming from an advisor meeting. Her skull was found in Bundy's grave and Bundy admitted to murdering her before his execution.

  • Brenda Baker

Age: 15 Story: She ran away from home, no personal info was available. Body found on June 17, 1974 in Millersylvania Park.

  • Roberta Parks

Age: 20 Story: Her life was not going very well. She got in a lot of arguments with her family and she broke up with her boyfriend and she was feeling guilty about her dad having a heart attack. Her skull was found in Bundy's grave and he admitted to murdering her before his execution.

  • Brenda Ball

Age: 22 Story: She went to a bar alone and disappeared that night. Her friends thought nothing of it until 19 days later because she was such a "free spirit". Her skull was found in Bundy's grave, and he admitted to murdering her before his execution.

  • Georgeann Hawkins

Age: 18 Story: She was a very innocent girl and Bundy confessed to her murder right before his execution and, even though he was hazy with all the details, he remembers how trusting she was.

  • Janice Ott

Age: 23 Story: She was a very successful probation case worker, a job that took her away from her husband and took her to Washington. She was last seen helping a man in a cast, as did all the others. Bundy admitted to killing her right before his execution.

  • Denise Naslund

Age: 18 Story: She was off camping with her boyfriend and disappeared after going to the bathroom. Her friends searched for her and searched for her. Bundy admitted to killing her before his execution.


  • Caryn Campbell

Age: 23 Story: She was out on a vacation with her fiancee and children when she went back to the room and never returned. She was found on a bloody snow bank, suspected to be raped. Bundy admitted to her murder before his execution.

  • Julie Cunningham

Age: 26 Story: Heartbroken and on her way to the bar, Bundy admitted to murdering her right before his execution.

  • Denise Oliverson

Age: 25 Story: Angry at her husband and on her way to her parents to cool off, Denise never arrived to her parents. Bundy admitted to murdering her before his execution.

  • Melanie Cooley

Age: 18 Story: Found with her head bludgeoned, hands tied and a pillowcase tied around her neck, Bundy admitted to her murder before his execution.

  • Shelly Robertson

Age: 24 Story: A hitchhiking enthusiast, Shelly disappeared for an entire summer before being discovered by 2 mining students. Bundy admitted to her murder before his execution.


  • Nancy Wilcox

Age: 16 Story: Disappeared in a car similar to Ted Bundy's, Bundy admitted to killing her and told where her body was hidden, but her body was never found.

  • Melissa Smith

Age: 17 Story: She went to console a friend and she left to go home, but she never arrived. She was found strangled, raped, and sodomized. Bundy admitted to murdering her before his execution.

  • Laura Aime

Age: 17 Story: She was an awkward 6" tall girl that weighed 115 lbs. She was discovered a month after her disappearance strangled, beaten and sexually assaulted. She was drunk when she died. Bundy admitted to murdering her before his execution.

  • Debby Kent

Age: 17 Story: She was supposed to take her brother home from a play, but never did. Her parents called the police and witnesses say they saw Bundy's light colored VW. Bundy admitted to her murder before his execution.

  • Carol DaRonch

Age: 18 Story: She followed Bundy into a car, expecting to go to the police station about a break in to her car. When she figured out that that wasn't what he was doing, she panicked. When she got out of the car she somehow broke free and ran to an old couple to took her to the police station. She was the first living victim.

  • Nancy Baird

Age: 23 Story: Bundy was just another customer for her, but her body was never found.

  • Sue Curtis

Age: 15 Story: no details

  • Debbie Smith

Age: 17 Story: no details


  • Roberta Parks

Age: 20 Story: Failed to return from Oregon State University, body found on March 3, 1974.

  • Rita Jolly

Age: 17 Story: no details

  • Vicki Hollar

Age: 24 Story: no details


  • Karen Chandler

Age: 21 Story: In her sorority house was a mass panic, all the sisters knew there was an intruder among them and they alerted the house mother, only to see Karen staggering down the hall covered in blood. She survived the attack with only broken teeth, jaw and skull fractures and one crushed finger.

  • Kathy Kleiner

Age: 20 Story: She was another victim of the sorority house. She was found with puncture wounds on her face, broken teeth, her jaw was broken in 3 places and whiplash injury to neck. She had no memory of the attack because she had been asleep. She was another survivor.

  • Lisa Levy

Age: 20 Story: She was down the hall from the sorority sisters and she died before making it to the hospital. Her nipple was bitten off and that was later used to put Bundy in the electric chair.

  • Margaret Bowman

Age: 21 Story: Found with Melanie Nelson and both their skulls shattered, the coroners prayed they were only unconscious.

  • Cheryl Thomas

Story: She was found beaten in her bed, her skull was fractured in 5 places, causing permanent hearing loss in her left ear. Her left shoulder was dislocated, her jaw was broken, and her 8th cranial nerve was so damaged that she would never have normal equilibrium. She survived the attack because her roommates called out about the police, interrupting Bundy.

  • Kimberly Leach

Age: 12 Story: Witnesses saw her go off with an angry man, but they thought it was her father. She disappeared and was found dead, strangled and sexually assaulted, but no signs of head trauma.


  • Lynette Culver

Age: 13 Story: no details


  • Rita Curran

Age: 24 Story: She was found by her friends in her bed beaten, strangled, and raped, just like all the other victims.

Close Reading

  • "As the days an then weeks passed, it was painfully clear that Lynda Ann Healy was dead, her body hidden so carefully that only her killer and God knew where she was" pg.63
  • "My grandfather and uncle had been sheriff in Michigan, and my own years as a policewoman had only enhanced my belief that law-men were "good guys." Nothing I saw I saw as a crime reporter tarnished that image, even though in the early 1970s police-men were frequently referred to as pigs." pg. 56
  • "On November 18, 1974, I entered Group Health Hospital in Seattle to be prepped for surgery the next morning. I had four babies without anesthetics, but this surgery proved to be more painful than anything in my memory, and I was sedated heavily for two days." pg.146
  • "Mine has been the first, and, like mine and the others, the information did not warrant particular scrutiny." pg.136


  • Why do you think the author decided to write the book the way she did, including her personal events into the story?
  • Is the author truly a reliable source?
  • How and why did Ted Bundy choose his victims?
  • Do you think he was a pathological liar, psychopath, or both?


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